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When the battle cry loses the battle

Spokespersons for Black Lives Matter first demanded for city officials to defund their police departments as early as 2015. Those demands came after riots took place in Ferguson and Baltimore after black men had fatal encounters with police officers.

At that time — defund the police — was ignored.


Budget Cuts

Or is it hard to say

Last week I wrote about how the CDC changed their definition of vaccine. Many called the changes Orwellian. Of course, that’s a reference to a novel where the dictionary was rewritten in order to manipulate public opinion. The definition of racism also continues to…

Beauty Contest

The CDC has been busy at the Ministry of Truth

Steven Poole is a British journalist who has authored books on the abuse of language. His column — Steven Poole’s word of the week — is featured in The Guardian. In February, one of Poole’s headlines asked: Why do we call vaccinations ‘jabs’?

Poole explained, since the 16th century the…

Parent-Teacher Conference

It’s clear those in charge [The White House] operate by ignorance and unhinged emotions

Defenders of Critical Race Theory claim that CRT highlights the racial injustices of the past and examines their lingering effects in contemporary society.


But the activist dimension of CRT asserts that racism is the norm in America. Therefore, the question is never: Did racism occur? …


F. Lee Francis said, “Today you can find racism in a stone.” Roland Martin replied, “What the hell does that mean?”

Back in January, attorney F. Lee Francis appeared on Roland Martin Unfiltered to discuss allegations of racism at CBS. Francis began the segment with an observation. He said, “It seems, today, you can find racism in a stone. …


J. Pharoah Doss is a columnist for the New Pittsburgh Courier.

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